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Did you feel that?

**Reading below is meant for educational purposes only and does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship nor replaces seeking treatment.**

I was riding on a train one day, minding my own business, jamming to the 90s R & B playlist I had made over the weekend. I was thinking of all the work details ahead of me for my day. I grab hold of the metal pole, which felt cold to my touch. It made me shiver for some reason. It was getting crowded on the train, which I absolutely hate. You know the whole shoving to get to a seat, the bumping to others, and those who kindly give their seats up for the elderly, handicap, or pregnant people but then are pissed they did. Whatever my songs are good. I am feeling my groove. Then I feel something on my butt. Wtf? Nope, I did not feel what I think I felt on my buttocks. It couldn't have been that.

I stare at the dude behind me, but he is looking at a book. Hmm.. My song is still on, so I ignore the urge to punch something. There it is my favorite part of the song. Like for real, who doesn't love the 90s? Just as a high note is hit, I feel a tough penis slide across my butt again. Being who I am and pretty certain of whose penis it was, I turn around a knocked the guy in the face. What do you know it? Someone else in the back of the train cart yelled, touched you, didn't he, cause he felt on me earlier, and I thought I was tripping.

As it turns out, after being interviewed by the police, this guy has been rubbing his genital areas on ladies on the train for several months. Who would do such a thing? You're in luck because he has a mental health condition, and Dr. Kearse can explain it. I wanted his ass beat.

Frotteuristic disorder is a condition when a person has sexual arousal from rubbing or touching another unsuspecting individual. This person dreams, fantasies, and reacts to the desires. These desires usually cause significant distress and impairment in one's life.

Although this disorder might be repulsive to some, it is a diagnosis recognized by the DSM-V and does require treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy with a concentration on behavioral repatterning is used to assist these individuals in controlling their urges. SSRIs can be used to decrease sexual desires. Most importantly, if you feel you have this condition, you should reach out to a psychiatrist for workup and assessment.

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**This is intended as educational information and is not a form of diagnosing or treatment. Reading below does not constitute a physician-patient relationship. A 25-year-old man has recently graduated


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