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Jasmine Kearse, MD


Jasmine Kearse, MD is a physician practicing psychiatry in the metro Atlanta area for 10+ years. She completed her residency at Bergen Regional Hospital, the largest psychiatric facility in the state of NJ, returning to Atlanta to provide her expertise to a community that helped grow and nurture her as a physician. Before exploring the private practice world, Dr. Kearse worked as a high-acuity psychiatrist in a local Atlanta psychiatric facility. This unique exposure allows Dr. Kearse to have a deep understanding of the management of mental health patients at a time when one may be running out of options. Her goal is to provide you with psychiatric treatment specifically catered to you as an individual. Assisting in rejuvenating your outlook, preserving your stability, and preventing severe decompensation. Dr. Kearse’s motto is “the only difference between you and those who are perceived to be functional is coping skills." You can do this, and with her help, the beginning path to your fully functional self is just an appointment away.

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